Course Volunteer Information


All course volunteers are incredibly valued and make all the difference for the runners! And each course volunteer is asked to be:

  • Part Safety Officer: Our first priority is to keep our runners safe! Please help keep the course free of debris and obstacles, and communicate any medical/safety concerns to your zone leader
  • Part Traffic Director: You will be positioned at an intersection or key points along the course. Vehicles may enter and depart roadways at these intersections. Your responsibility is to alert non-participants that runners are on the course. Vehicles, cyclists, and pedestrians not associated with the marathon are not to enter the course for any reason (until the bicycle path is reached)! They may, however, cross the course per your instructions, when the area is clear of runners.
  • Part Guide: As soon as you see a runner, signal with your arms and voice which direction s/he is supposed to follow. If runners are to turn at your intersection, be extra-animated!
  • Part Cheerleader: Our runners have trained hard and will appreciate your support and energy. And while we want you to take your responsibilities seriously, that doesn't mean you can't have fun while volunteering. You can bring cowbells (that's a real thing!), tambourines, or whatever noisemaker you have on hand. Get excited! Be creative! Some will "be in the zone" and may not respond, but be sure - they will appreciate your enthusiasm and encouragement!